How to setup Gsuite as IdP on AppsCo

Setup in Gsuite Admin Console

1. Log in to Admin Console on your Gsuite account. 

2. Go to Apps and then choose SAML apps. 



3. Click (+) plus icon in the right bottom of the screen to add a new application. 


4. A dialog window will open. Click setup my own custom app.


5. Click Next and enter application name - AppsCo. You can add a description. Click Next again to proceed.  


6. Enter the following information about AppsCo:

ACS Url:

Entity ID:

Start URl:

7. Check - Signed response

8. Name ID format: choose EMAIL from drop-down.



9. Click Next and then Finish to finish this part of the setup. 

10. Go back to your Admin Console and choose Security. 


11. Go to Set up single sign-on in order to see the SSO with Google identity provider setup. 

Setup in AppsCo

12. Login to AppsCo and go to the Company Settings of the company you are setting the Gsuite as IdP for. 

13. Go to the IdP Settings and then Manage for the domain you registered on Gsuite. 


14. Download the IdP metadata from Setup SSO with Google identity provider on Google. 


15. And then upload it to AppsCo. 


15. App Id is the entity ID from the previously set up application - 

16. Click Save. 

17. After AppsCo is set up, go back to your Gsuite admin console.  Go to Apps and then choose SAML apps. 

18. Click on the three dots to the right on AppsCo application, to open the options menu and choose ''ON for everyone'' in order to enable it. 


Gsuite as IdP for the chosen domain is now set up. 

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