Partner - How to import customers?

If you wish to add multiple companies as your customers at the same time, you can use the Import option. 

Adding a customer manually creates a new company on AppsCo and adds this company on your Customers list. Bulk import enables you to create multiple companies and automatically add them to your customer list.

However bulk import will skip all the companies from the list if a company with the same name already exists on AppsCo. In that case, you can still create these companies manually by using Add Customer option. 

Remember that both adding and importing a customer creates a new company on AppsCo, but does not add existing companies. 

In order to be able to import customers you need to be promoted to AppsCo Partner

1. Go to the Customers page in the menu and click Import from CSV. Choose Customers. 


2. An import dialog will open up explaining how to import the list. The .csv file needs to be prepared as specified. You can download the example file in order to see how to prepare your import file. 


3. The example .csv file contains the name of the company, contact email for this company and the partner admin email column. 

Partner admin is a user from your company who will have access to this customer's instance as an admin and will be able to edit the customer's company. 

In order for import to be successful all the fields should be filled out properly, and the partner admin must be a user in your company - must be in your directory. It is not relevant if this user has admin role in your own company. 


4. When you have filled out the .csv file properly, you can upload it by clicking on the Upload button in the dialog. 


5. When the list is imported you will get info about how many customers have been imported and how many imports failed. Usually, if the import failed it is because the company with the same name already exists on AppsCo or if the email of the partner admin is not found in the directory. 


Once the customers are added to the list, the partner admin from the .csv file will be able to edit this customer. 


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