Partner - How to export customers?

Each customer company has it's customer ID. If you wish to bulk import and share resources to your customers, you will need this unique customer ID number in order to map which resource will be shared to which of the customers. 

You can find the ID on the Manage Customer page. Click Edit to open the Manage Customer page. 

You will se the ID number to the left. 


If you need customer ID for multiple customers, you can use Export option. 

On Customers page, click Export to CSV button. Save the file on your computer. The file you exported contains the list of all your customers with company name, contact email and the customer company ID. 


In order to be able to import resources to your customer's instances on AppsCo, you need to copy the company Id number and paste it next to the resource you wish to import. This is an essential step to do in order to add a specific resource to a specific customer's instance. You can read about how to import resources here


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