SAML integration - IT Glue single sign-on setup


In order to set up IT Glue single sign-on, you will need:

  1. AppsCo Business - administrator level access
  2. It Glue Enterprise plan  - administrator level access
  3. Log in to your It Glue account in a separate incognito window or another browser before you save the setup in order to avoid being locked out.

1. Add It Glue on AppsCo
Application should be added to company resources on AppsCo first. If you have already done this, skip to step number 5.

Go to company resources, click Add and then choose SSO Application.


2. Search for It Glue  application and select the card.


3. A setup dialog will show up. Fill out the dialog with the following values and click Add when you’re done.


Title: add the name of your company resource. This will be the display name for this resource.

SAML Issuer:

Domain registered at SP: enter only the first part of your It Glue domain - for example: - you should only enter the subdomain part - yourdomain

ACS URL: enter your entire IT Glue domain:

4. When IT Glue resource is added to company resources, click Edit in order to open Manage Resource page where you will find information you need to copy from AppsCo to your IT Glue settings.


You will find all the information you need under AppsCo IdP information. Leave the Manage Resource page open.


Next step is to setup the IT Glue

5. We recommend signing in to your IT Glue account in another browser or in incognito/private window in the browser you’re using. This way you prevent from being locked out of your account even if you save the wrong setup. Leave this window open until you finish and test the setup.

6. Log in to your IT Glue account as administrator and go to Account, then Settings. Choose the Authentication tab.

7. In Single Sign-On section, turn ON the Enable SAML SSO toggle.


8. Fill out the following fields:

Issuer URL: enter

SAML Login Endpoint URL: copy the Sign in URL from AppsCo IdP information and paste it here

SAML Logout Endpoint URL: copy the SIgn out URL from AppsCo IdP information and paste it here

Fingerprint: copy the Certificate fingerprint [sha1] from AppsCo IdP information and paste it here

Certificate: download the Certificate from AppsCo IdP information, open it in Notepad, copy entire content and paste it here


When all information has been entered, click Save in order to save your changes. After you have tested SSO login to IT Glue, you can close the other browser/private window.

You IT Glue SSO application is now set up and you can share it to your employees.


If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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