SAML integration - Dropbox single sign-on setup

In order to setup SSO Dropbox on AppsCo, you will need:

- AppsCo Business 
- Dropbox Business (Advanced or Enterprise)

You will need to add the application on AppsCo first. If you have already done this, skip to step 5. 

1. Go to Company resources on AppsCo and click Add and then choose SSO Application from the drop down. 

01.png2. Search for Dropbox, click on the card to select it and then click Add. 



3. The SSO Dropbox application will show up on your Company resources list. Click Edit to go to settings and set it up. 


4. You will find the settings you need to copy from AppsCo to Dropbox under AppsCo IdP information. Information you need to add to AppsCo is under Settings. 



Next step is to setup the Dropbox. 

5. Login to your Dropbox account and go to Admin Console. 


6. Go to Settings and then choose Single sign-on. 


7. You can setup SSO for your users as optional or required by choosing one of the options in the drop down. 


8. Information you need to enter on Dropbox are available on AppsCo IdP Information card. 

Copy the sign-in and sign-out information and download the certificate from AppsCo IdP Information card by clicking on the icon next to the field you wish to copy or download.


- Paste the Sign in URL to Identity provider sign-in URL field on Dropbox.

- Paste the Sign out URL to Identity provider sign-out URL field on Dropbox. 

- Download the certificate and upload it to the certificate field on Dropbox.Single_sign_on___Dropbox_setup.png

Once you have entered the information to Dropbox, you will also need to copy the information from Dropbox to AppsCo. The only information you need to copy is a customized link - SSO sign-in URL. 

9. Go to Company resources on AppsCo, click Edit on SSO Dropbox Application you previously added, then go to Settings on Manage Resource page. 


10. Copy the URL from SSO sign-in URL section on Dropbox.


11. Paste it to the URL field in Settings.   


12. Add domain name (example: to Domain registered at SP field and to ACS URL field and press Save. 


Dropbox Single sign-on application is setup and you can now share it. 




If you have any questions, send us an email to 



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