Billing - how to purchase user licenses?

In order to add users/employees to your company, you will need to purchase AppsCo Business licenses. Subscription plans are flexible so you can add and remove licenses depending on your needs - the number of users/employees in your company. 

Remember that after the 30 days trial, you will need to add a subscription plan if you wish to continue with AppsCo Business. 

To purchase user licenses, go to your company's Billing page. 


Click Add payment method button in the bottom left, to add a payment method and card information. 


In the dialog add the information about your credit card. Click Add when you're done. 


Once your card information has been added, you can set up a subscription plan. Click on the Subscribe button to choose the number of licenses you wish to purchase. 


In the dialog window, enter the number of licenses and choose how your company's subscription will be invoiced - annually or monthly. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it under to get a discount. Click Purchase to complete the process. 


After the licenses are purchased you will be able to add users to your company. You can modify the number of licenses depending on the number of users. 

On the Billing page, you can se your current plan, the upcoming invoice and the invoice list, where you can see details about your last paid subscription. 


By clicking on the invoice card, you can open the detailed view in the info section to the right. If you wish to send the invoice to your email, click the Send invoice button. The selected invoice will be sent to your company's billing email when you confirm. 




If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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