Organization units

You can organize your company's structure and add users to organization units on AppsCo. You will find organization units on the Directory page on your company's instance. 


Organization units are listed to the left. Each company has one main organization unit by default. You can create sub-organization units on the Directory page and modify existing. 



How to create an organization unit? 

Hover over the main company organization unit and click on the three dots icon when it shows up. Click Add sub organization button to create a new sub organization unit. 


Fill out the organization unit name and optionally description. Click Add to create it. There can be several levels of organization units. 


Created organization unit will show up to the left as a sub-organization. You can use the arrows to navigate trough organization unit structure. 


How to modify an organization unit?

To modify an organization unit, click the three dots icon and then Modify. 


You can change the organization unit name or description in the dialog. Click Modify to confirm changes. 



How to remove an organization unit?

To remove an organization unit, hover over the organization unit you wish to remove. Click three dots icon and choose Remove from the drop-down menu. 


Organization unit will be removed, and all users will be removed from this organization unit, but they will remain in Company Directory. Note that it is not possible to remove organization units which have sub-organization units. 

How to add users to organization unit? 

To add one or more users to an organization unit, select the users you wish to add by clicking on the profile image. Once the users are selected, add to organization unit action will show up in action header. 


Click on the Organization units icon to open a dialog. Click on the Organization unit drop-down to choose, and then click Add. All selected users will be added to the selected org. unit.


Once users have been added to organization units, by selecting an organization unit to the left, you will be able to filter all added users. On each of the users cards, you will be able to see a list of organization units he/she belongs to. 


You can add individual users to organization unit also from Manage account page. Click Edit on the user card to open Manage account page. 


Click Manage on Organization units card to open the list. 


Click Add to organization unit button and choose from the drop-down. Click Add to confirm this action. The user will be added to the selected organization unit. 



How to remove users from organization unit? 

To remove a user from an organization unit, click Edit on the user card to open Manage account page. 


Click Manage on Organization units card. 


You will see a list of all organization units this user belongs to. Click Remove to remove the user. 


User will be removed from the organization unit. 


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