How to share resources?

You can share one or multiple resources to your employees. Depending on the resource type, your users will get access to specific information or will be able to login to the shared application. 

When you share an application with your users, you will grant them access to this application without sharing any credentials. Users will get the icon on their dashboard and will be able to access the application with just one click and without needing to enter the username and password. 

To share a resource, go to your company and choose Resources. 


Select the resource (or multiple resources) you wish to share by clicking on the resource logo/initials image. 

In the action header above, click on the share icon which will show up, once at least one resource has been selected. 


A share resources dialog will open with the list of users and contacts you can share the resource to. 
You can search for accounts by typing in their name or email or you can filter the accounts and show only users or only contacts. 
Select the accounts you wish to share the resource to and click Share in the bottom of the dialog window. 



You can also share a single resource from a Manage Resource page. Go to the Resources page, find the resource you wish to share and click Edit. 


On the Manage Resource page, click on the share button. 


The same Share Resource dialog will open as described above so you can choose the users you wish to share this resource to. 

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