How to manage a resource?

You can manage each of the resources in your company as an admin. 

To manage a resource, go to Resources and click Edit on the resource you wish to manage. 


Manage resource page contains different options:

Resource settings - manage all the main resources settings

Assignees -  manage the list of assignees for this resource

Resource Log - view resource log for this resource

Groups - manage groups this resource has been shared to

Auto login - turn on auto login for this resource

Compliance info - register which user information this resource stores and how it's used

Security - view the security score for this resource

Add resource admin - add a user who can manage this resources without accessing other company information - you can read about this feature here. 


Manage resource settings

On Manage resource page you will see different cards. Click on the Manage button on Settings card to open the basic settings for the selected resource. 


1. Title

You can change the title of the resource - this title will be visible to everyone this resources is shared to. 

2. URL 

Some Applications might have a URL field - usually if application supports sub-domains and custom domains (such as while other as have one URL for login.  

3. Provisioning support

Some resources are handled by AppsCo automatically if integration with this resources is set up in Provisioning. This means that users are automatically created/removed in this application when they are added to AppsCo depending on the Provisioning rule you have set up. 

If there is no integration for this resource in Provisioning, it means the users are handled manually. So, when you share this application to a user, if he/she does not already have an account, you will have to create it manually (or remove it when they leave the company). 

No user management means that you will not create/remove users separately on this application. 
You can choose the status from the drop-down menu. This option is used in order to set up Access on-boarding feature properly, but it is not mandatory, so you can leave ''No user management'' status in the beginning. 


4. Set individually

Applications are by default set globally, which means that all users this application is shared to, will login using this same set of credentials. 

If your users will use separate accounts for login, switch the toggle - Set individually to turn it on.

Once this option is turned on and the resource shared, users/employees will set their own configuration. Example: if each of the employees have their own account on Pipedrive, company only sets up the Title of the resource and URL. Different login credentials can be added for each user and the user can configure this application by himself. 


5. User can edit resource 

When this option is turned on, users who have been assigned this resource will be able to edit the settings. 


6. Credentials - username and password 

Enter the username and password you use for this application. If you share the application, users will be able to login to this account, but will not be able to see the password. 

You can also add the note for each resource.

Remember to click Save when you're done with editing. 




The Assignees card is showing the list of users and contacts this resource has been shared to. On the card you will see the total count of the assignees. Click on the All button to open the detailed view. 


You will see a list of users and contacts this resource has been shared to. If you wish to stop sharing the resource, just revoke the access by clicking on Revoke button. 


If the resource is set to be configured individually, you can change the claims (username/password) for each of the assignees. Click on the Claims button to open a dialog. 


In the dialog window, write in the new username and password for this user. Remember to Save when you're done. 



Resource log

You can view resource activity in Resource Log. All actions related to this resource are logged into Resource Log. Auditing enables admins to follow and have better visibility over AppsCo usage and company resources related events. 

Resource Log card shows the most recent events. To view all events performed on this resource, click All. 



Groups card shows all groups the resource is shared to. Click Manage to open the detailed view.


To remove the resource from a group click Remove on the group card. 


Auto login

Some of the pre-integrated applications support auto login. Auto login is an option which will log you in automatically without asking for any credentials. It automatizes the sign-in process. 

To turn on auto login, turn on the toggle button in the auto login card. If the application supports auto login, you will be able to move the toggle button to the right.


Compliance info

For each of the resources in your company, you can register which user information this resource stores and how it's used, in case you need to report about the personal data which is stored and why.

To add compliance info, click Manage on the Compliance info card. 


Type in the resource description and it's purpose and add comma separated personal information which is stored by this resource. Click Save to save your settings. 


You can export the compliance information for all company resource in Reports/Compliance report. 


Security card is showing the current security score for this resource. You can see if the resource has been configured - if the credentials are set and the overall security score of your password, or of the passwords which your users have set up (in case the resource is set to be configured individually). After some time, if you do not change your password, the security score will become lower. 



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