How to manage a company user's account settings?

Admins can manage company users' account settings. The only prerequisite is that the user is managed - meaning that the username has company's verified domain. 

To manage account settings, go to the Directory, and find the user you wish to manage. 


Click Edit to open settings related to this user. 


On Settings card click Manage. 


You can change the basic account settings such as name, country, phone etc. 


Since the account is managed, you can also change the password for this user. Click on the Change password button in the lower left corner. Write and repeat the new password. Click Save to save the changes. Remember that your user will not be able to login with his/hers old credentials. 


You can also manage the advanced settings. 

1. Choose the default dashboard for this user. Use the drop-down to choose the dashboard which will show up every time the user logs in. Default value is Personal dashboard, but you can choose from a list in the drop-down and change it. 

2. You can set the profile as public or private. Use the toggle button to turn on or off this option. 

By turning off the public profile, it will not be possible for other accounts to find this account on AppsCo Personal and share resources. 


3. Change the notification settings. Use the toggle button to turn on or off notification emails when a resource is shared with this user. If this option is turned on, the user will receive an email every time a resource is shared with him/her. 


Remember to Save when you are finished with the changes. 


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