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Depending on your company's preferences, you can customize a login form with your branding. This means, when users login through provided link (your company's login link) they will see your company's branding and options you choose to show on the login page. 

To set up a branded login page, go to your company in the top menu, and choose Settings from the company menu. 


On Company Settings page, navigate to Branded Login card and click Manage to open the detailed view. 


On the Branded Login page, you can customize the login form. Any change you make on this page will reflect on your company's login page. Each company has it's own login page and URL. 

For example, you can link this login page URL to your company's website. This way, you will send your users directly to the branded login instead of the general AppsCo login page. 

You can find the URL in the section to the left. 


You can change any of the fields on the login page and modify the branding. You can: 

- Upload your company's logo
- Change the title of the page
- Turn on or off the password field (for example if your company uses SAML integration and has configured an external identity provider)
- Turn off the OAuth login (login with Google of Facebook options)


You can also: 

- Hide the create account button (so those using this login URL can only login)
- Set a color or an image for the page background. 
- You can change the text for the force login field for admins


Depending on your preference, you can also modify:

- Username field title
- Password field title 

When you are done with the changes, hit Save to save them. The changes will be visible on your company's login page. 
If you wish to return everything to the default state, click Reset. 


If you go to your company's login URL, you will see the result. Your users will see this customized login form when they login using your company's login link. 


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