Partner - How to add a customer company?

In order to be able to add a customer company, your company must have a partner status. If you are not AppsCo Partner, please contact our sales department at for more information. You can read about the partnership program here

If your company is AppsCo Partner you will have a separate section in your company's menu called Partner, where you can manage your customers. Go to the Customer page in the company menu. 


To add a customer company, click on the ''Add customer'' button. 


A dialog will open where you can fill out the information about the customer company. If you are creating a completely new company on AppsCo, fill out the company name, the contact email and choose the partner admin. 

Partner admin is a user from your own company who will have administrator rights within the customer company. As a Partner on AppsCo you can manage your customer company's directory, resources and other features. Once you create a customer company you will be able to add multiple partner admins. 
Click Add to create a customer company. 

If you wish to add a company which already exists on AppsCo you will need to use a Customer transfer token provided by this company. 

The customer company can find the token in Company Settings. On company menu, click on Settings and then Manage on Transfer token card. 


Click on Generate token to generate the token which should be sent to the Partner company. Customer can either select the partner from the drop down and send the token to the directly from AppsCo or copy the token and send it another way. 


When the partner company gets the token, they should use it within the 24 hours to add the customer company. 

Go to the Customers page in the menu, click on Add Customer. 


In the Add Customer dialog, instead of typing in the customer company name, just paste the transfer token. Click Add to add the customer company. 


The company have been added a as a customer company. In order to be able to manage it, you will need to add a partner admin to this company. 

You can read more about it here. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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