How to manage your account settings?

After you have created your account in AppsCo, you can change your basic personal account settings and set different options. 

Some of the options apply to your personal account only, and some of the options are related to your personal settings if you have a company or have been added to one. 

To manage your account settings, click on the account icon in the upper right corner and choose My Account. 


On the Account page you will see a Settings card and options related to your personal account like your profile image. 


Profile image

You can change your profile image in the section to the left. Click on the circle with the initials and choose the image you wish to upload from your local folder. Under the profile image you will see your first name, last name, your email and your account ID. 



On the Settings card, click the Manage button to open the detailed view. 


You will see a set of options related to your personal account. You can change your:

- First name
- Last name
- Timezone
- Country
- Phone
- Gender


Remember to save your changes. 

If you have a company or you have been added to any company as a user or a contact, you might want to change some of the preferences and customize your account's options. 

Choose default company dashboard

This option enables you to choose where you will be sent immediately after login. If you have a company for example, you might want to land on the company's dashboard first when you log in, instead your personal dashboard. 

When the drop-down is set to Default, when you log in you will be sent to your personal dashboard. If you choose any company from the drop-down, you will be redirected to this company after you log in. 


Choose default company page

If you navigate to the company (or multiple companies) often, you can choose if you wish to be redirected to the dashboard when you navigate to the selected company, or to the resources page. If you are a resource admin in your company, or you share resources with the users and contacts often, setting the Resources page as your default page can save you time when navigating. 


Public profile

This option enables you to show or hide your profile from other free accounts on AppsCo. When your profile is set to Public, other free accounts will be able to share resources with you. If you turn off this option, free accounts will not be able to see your account and share resources with you. 


Shared resource notifications

By default, when a resource is shared with you, you get an email notification. If you wish to stop receiving these emails, turn off this option. 


Remember to save when you're done with the changes. 


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