Personal Dashboard

Personal Dashboard is the first think you see when you login to your AppsCo account. On personal dashboard you can add different personal resources/applications, organize them and share them with other free users. 

You are the only one who can see your personal dashboard even if you are a user in a company on AppsCo. 

Personal dashboard includes several options. You can read detailed tutorials in separate articles.

Add resources/applications

To add a resource on your personal dashboard, click on the Add button. In the drop-down menu you can choose the type of resource you wish to add. 

Read more about adding applications/resources and different resource types here. 


Filter and search resources/applications 

On personal dashboard, you can search for any resource by typing the title or URL of the resource in the search field. You can also filter resources by using the drop-down menu above the dashboard. 

All items filter is showing all the resources on your dashboard both those shared by a company, resources you have added yourself, or the resources which other free accounts have shared with you. 

My items filter is showing the resources you have added yourself. 

Shared with me filter is showing all resources which have been shared to you by other free accounts. 


Organize resources/applications

You can organize resources on your personal dashboard by adding them to different folders. To create a dashboard folder, click on the New Folder button above the dashboard. 

You can read more about dashboard folders here.



Manage and share resources

On Personal Dashboard you can manage and share the resources/applications you have added yourself. To manage a resource simply click on the Info or Edit button. Each will open a set of options. 


You can read more about how to manage and share resources here. 



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