Creating a new handbook

How to create a new handbook

Creating a new handbook is easy and requires little effort. Follow this step-by-step guide or check out our Youtube video to see how easy it is to get started with creating your handbooks.


After you've logged into Appsco One, simply click the "Handbook" icon.



This will take you straight into the Handbooks module and the Publication hub (read more about the publication hub here) where you can see your current handbooks.


In the top left corner you start creating a new handbook by clicking the + icon.



After you click on the + icon you can decide if you want to either create a completely new handbook from scratch or create a new version of an existing handbook. Read more about versioning of handbooks here.



Lets go ahead and create a brand new handbook from scratch by clicking the middle + icon. This will open up a new popup-window where you will be required (marked with a star) to name your handbook and add additional information such as description and information about this specific version of the handbook. Don't worry, you can always change and add information to this section at a later time.


Name your handbook and press "Save". You have created your very first handbook and can now start adding and editing the content - more on this in the help article Adding and Editing content.

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