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If you have set up an external Identity Provider for your company such as GSuite or Office 365, Additional options on the Resources page can simplify the process of adding related resources. 

AppsCo has a set of pre-integrated GSuite and Office 365 applications so instead of searching them and adding them one by one, you can view the entire list of applications related to the IdP you have set in one place and add them with just one click. 

Since you and your users will be using the Identity Provider to sign up to AppsCo, once you login to GSuite or Office 365, you will automatically be logged in to all GSuite and Office 365 applications as well. So you only need to add the resources and share them with your users without needing to configure them. 

To view the list of IdP related resources and add them to your company, go to the Resources page. 


On the Resources page, open the additional options section by clicking on the arrow icon. If you have set GSuite or Office 365 as an Identity Provider, you will be able to click on the Edit button. 


Click on Manage on the IdP related resources card. 


You will see a list of all related resources - for example all GSuite applications.

Click Add on the applications you wish to add. The application will be added to the resources page. If you share the resource with your users, they will be able to access this resource/application with just one click on the icon since they have logged in to AppsCo with their Gsuite/Office 365 identities. 



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