How to manage resources on personal dashboard?

You can manage the resources you have added to your personal dashboard. 

Edit resource 

Click on the Edit button on the resource you wish to modify. 


On manage resource page you will see several options. 


Change resource settings

To change the basic settings, click Manage on the Settings card to open the detailed view. 

You can change the resource title, username, password or note. Click Save to save your changes. 


Manage resource subscribers

To view and manage the list of resource subscribers, click All on the Subscribers card. 


You will see a list of subscribers. To remove a subscriber and stop sharing the resource, click on the Revoke button. 


Resource Security

Resource security card provides information about the password strength for the selected resource. You can see the percentage as well as if your password meets different security requirements. 


If your score is low, you should consider changing your password. 


Auto login

Some of the pre-integrated applications support auto login. Auto login is an option which will log you in automatically without asking for any credentials. It automatizes the sign-in process. 

To turn on auto login, turn on the toggle button in the auto login card. If the application supports auto login, you will be able to move the toggle button to the right. 


Resource log

Every action performed on this resource will be logged in the Resource log. The last five events are visible on the card. If you wish to view the entire log, click on the All button. 


Change icon 

You can upload a custom icon for any resource. Click on the icon to open the upload dialog. To remove the current icon and return to the default state, click the Reset icon button bellow. 


Remove resource

If you wish to remove a resource permanently, click on the red Remove button in the lower left corner. By removing the resource you will also remove it for other subscribers. 



Quick manage

You can always quick-manage the basic settings and change credentials. Click on the Info button and then the Manage button to the bottom right when the info section opens. 


When a dialog opens, you can change the credentials and information. Click Save to save your changes. 


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