Resource admin role

Depending on your company's needs, in some cases you might need an admin which can manage only company resources without having access to other company information such as directory or billing info. 

For this purpose, you can use the resource admin role. By assigning this role and specific resources to a user, this user will have permissions to edit those resources without having access to other information. 

To do this, go to your company and then to the Directory page. 


Click Edit on the card of the user you wish to promote to resource admin. 


On Manage Account page, click on Advanced Settings button in the action header to expand the page with advanced options. On Resource Admin click All to view the detailed list. 


You can add different resources to the list, and by assigning them to this user as a resource admin, the user gets permissions to edit the assigned resources. 

Click Add resource to open the dialog.


In the share dialog you can choose specific resources to share or you can select all. When you have selected the resources, click Share to share them to the resource admin. 

Remember that this user, once the resources have been shared will have the access to edit the resource settings.


You can always revoke any of the resources by clicking on the Revoke button. When the resource is revoked, this user will no longer have the resource admin access to edit the settings. 



You can also manage resource admin access on the Resources page. Go to your company and to the Resources page. 


Click Edit on the resource you wish to modify. 


On the Manage Resource page, click Advanced settings to expand the page. A Resource admins card will show up. Click All to view the entire list. 


You will see a list of all users who can manage this resource as resource admins. To add one or more resource admins for this resource, click on the Add resource admin button. 


Select one or multiple users from the list and promote them as resource admins by clicking on the Promote button. 


The users you have promoted as resource admins will be able to change the settings for the assigned resource. 

You can remove resource admins using this same list. Just click on the Revoke button next to the user you wish to remove. 


Note: Remember, reosource admin can only view and edit the resources which have been assigned to him. On the company resources page, he will see a list of assigned resources he can modify. Resource admin can not view other company information and will not have access to other company pages. Only company admin can view company information. 


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