Reports help you have better overview over important information and data flow in your company and enable you to view and export the report summary. 

Currently the reports include: 

Access report - this report shows a summary and overview over which resources are shared to which user and contact. 

Compliance report - this reports helps you keep track of the personal data which is used in each of the resources owned by your company. 

Policies report - this report shows which company policies have been breached or are broken. 

To view and export the reports, go to your company and then to the Reports page in the company menu.


You will see a list of reports on the page. To open and view any of the reports click on the open button on the card. If you click on the card itself an info section with the summary will open. To export the unfiltered report summary click on the export button.


Access report

Access report shows all the users (and/or contacts depending on the filter you use) in your company and the list of resources assigned to each of them. You can filter the report by user/contact or by group. 

This report enables you to have an accessible summary with information about who has access to which company resources. To view the list of resources just click on the show button to expand the card. You can always export the report by clicking on the Export button. 


Compliance report 

Compliance report shows all the users or contacts, the resources shared to them and the personal information used in this resource. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview over personal data used in various applications shared to company users and contacts. If needed, a company can export the report and provide information to this user or contact when required. 

Note: In order to be able to view the compliance information, company must add this information manually to resource compliance info, when setting up each resource. 

Once compliance info is added, it will be visible in Compliance report as well.426.png

Policies report

Policies report shows which company policies have been breached or are broken. The report helps admins track any irregularities regarding the policies, such as if Enforce Two Factor policy is broken. The company will be able to see which policy is broken and by which account and if needed export the report by clicking on the Export button. 


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