How to change claims on the resources which are set individually?

As described in the Manage Resource article, Application resources can be configured to be set individually or globally. 

If you have set the resource as ''set individually'', each of the assignees will have to configure their own credentials - or, you will have to do it for them. 

Configure resource shared to you

To configure a resource shared to you which is set individually, go to your dashboard and click on the Info button on this resource. 


When the info section opens, you will see a Manage button at the bottom. 


Enter your credentials for this application and click Save. 


The next time you login, you will be able to login without entering the credentials again. Since the application was configured as ''set individually'' these credentials apply to your account only. Other assignees will individually configure their own. 


Configure resource which is set individually for your users - change claims

To change claims on the resource which is set individually for your users, go to your company, then Resources page. 


Find a resource which you wish to modify and click Edit to open the Manage Resource page. 


Click All on the Assignees card to view all the users this resource has been shared to. 


To change the claims for a user, click on the Claims button. 


Write in the username and the password and click Save. 


Once the claims are saved, the user will be able to use this resource with the configured username and password. Since resource is set individually, these credentials only apply to this user. 


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