Adding new Contract and Contract Items

By choosing Contracts from Time Control menu on the left sidebar you can look up existing contracts using various filters. 

How to Add a new contact in HR

To add a new Contract , click plus button and the window will pop up on the right requiring specific information.  Choose your customer and name the contract. Select active dates. 

Include specific checklists or tags if needed, that also serve as filters when searching for a specific contact in a contact list.  Click Confirm.


Your new Contract is now created.  To delete contract or view items, click on the dot menu on the right. contract2.png

How to add new Item to a Contract 

Select Contract Items and Add new Item. Select product, amount, dates, price and hit save. 


You can choose to delete or edit items when clicking on the options next to it once it is created. delete_or_edit_items.png


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