Absence Percentage Report

The Absence Percentage Report provides a statistical overview of registered absences in a chosen department for the past 6 months and/or for a selected period of time, displayed in percentages.

The past 6 months will be displayed in a table overview by default, while it is possible to customize the date range or choose one of the predefined options for which the absence percentage will be displayed.


How to export the Absence percentage report:


1.  Choose Insights from the left side bar menu and click on Report - Absence percentage.


2. In the Department field, choose a department from the drop down menu


3. Choose a date range for the report. You can choose one of the predefined periods (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month and last month) placed next to the calendar.


4. In the Absence code field, choose one or several absence codes to be included in the calculation of the absence percentage.


The report will be updated immediately and display the absence percentage for the selected department, date range and absence codes.



5. Click on Export Report to download the report as an Excel file.


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