Route Templates

The Routes functionality allows leaders within a company to create predetermined routes with tasks the employees should complete in the selected order at given locations.

This functionality will allow the carrying out of one or multiple tasks for one or several customers in one route.

Routes are enabled in the Task Manager settings page and will only be available for customers using the Task Manager add-on.


This functionality will be switched off by default. When enabled, the Routes sub-menu will appear in the left-menu navigation bar when you hover on Task Manager.

To create a new route, click on New route template:


Fill out the required fields (template name and employee responsible) and select the interval for generating tasks. 


When you hover on Summary, it will display the dates when the tasks will be generated in the future. This will allow you to make sure you've set up the template properly.


Once you've created the route template, it's time to start adding checklist templates from which tasks will be generated.

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