How to Add a Route Template Checklist and Generate a Route

Route template checklists allow you to add tasks from contracts and select when they are going to be generated. When you add checklist templates, you'll also be able to select people involved and people responsible for the checklist template tasks.


Checklists will be inactive by default. To add a new checklist, give the checklist a name and select the contract and the clock-in product. Add a task involved if required and Save. 

Once you've created the checklist, you can click on Generate route to generate tasks.

If you then go back to the Route template overview and click on the Generated Routes tab, you'll have an overview of all generated routes. The list will display the status and progress of each route.


If you click on one of the generated routes, you'll be able to see the task or tasks that are part of the route. Clicking on a task will lead you to the detailed task profile. 

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